Tropical Watersports have been supplying the Australian water sport public with windsurfing, waterskiing, paddling and surfing products since 1990 in conjunction with great brands and the latest technology. Today they offer thousands of products.
Tropical Watersports aim is always to offer the lowest available retail price for all water sports and their parts.
Their mission statement is to make water sports affordable for everyone with quality equipment and the best brands in the one place. They have products for families and their friends or maybe for just a little time alone.

If your scene is Freeride sailing, racing, freestyle or wavesailing we've got the products for you. Top name brands and the latest designs and best shapes.
Carbon Masts, top brand sails, various mast base assemblies. Great range of fins from Select, Northshore and Prolimit, Mistral, Fanatic etc. There are fins to fit all makes and models of boards.
Lots of parts for the big brands and accessories like Board Bag Covers, Foot straps. Booms, Uphauls, Mast base protectors, seat and waist harnesses.
We can teach you to Windsurf with the latest gear and we have great Windsurf Packages, CD's/Instruction Videos and Windmeters. We also have trainer Rigs to make learning to windsurf easier. Check our Online Shop now!

Water ski combo pairs, traditional and wide body ski pairs. Junior Trainers and wide body Trainers. Traditional slalom ski, wide body and hybrid slalom skis. Big brands by Connelly, O'Brien and RM.
Wakeboards for beginners to advanced. Great packages and brands available such as Liquid Force, CWB, O'Brien and RM Wakeboards.
Kneeboards in polyethylene and compression moulded construction. Twin tip and classic designs from Hydroslide, RM and O'Brien.
We offer a range of Wakesurfers and Wakeskates. Ski tubes from Masterline, Jetpilot, Fuel, Connelly and RM. They come in traditional round, triangular and fully covered ski tubes. Inline seating and deluxe shaped ski tubes.
Water skiing ropes, recreational ropes, wakeboard ropes in spectra or spectral fusion or vinyl wrap for pro level performance. Also, slalom ropes, barefoot ropes, tube ropes outboard bridles and pwc bridles. We recommend Proline and Masterline.
Handles recreational, wakeboard handles, high performance using aluminum and carbon cores, make them light weight and strong. Slalom handles built ultra strong.
Barefoot handles padded for your safety and comfort.
Masterline and Fuel Deluxe and standard covers for combo skis, slalom skis, wakeboard and kneeboard covers.
Parts and Accessories for our great brands and waterski products; include safety vests in nylon or neoprene material and wakeboarding impact vests. For more information see Life Vest page. `A range of gloves is available. The latest Wakeboard and skiing DVD's with Tuition DVD's too.
Just some of our great items we can supply you. Check them out Online today!

There are many forms of paddling equipment which include Sit on Top Kayaks, Pelican Canoes and Inflatable Kayaks for ease of transportation. Plastic Kayaks and Paddle Boats for those who like adventure and require larger equipment.
Surf skis for wave riding are great. We have a range of Kayaks which include Sit on Top, Sit inside, Single and Double Kayaks, also a range of plastic canoes for durability. Whitewater Kayaks for the rapids, Calm water Canoes and Scanoes for recreational touring, camping and fishing.
Pedal Boats are available for calm water, lakes, bays and resort and hire outlets.
Brands include Pelican and Coastal Kayaks.
Accessories such as helmets, paddle leashes, paddles, fins and spare parts for most makes and models of Kayaks and Surf Skis. Check out our Online Shop today!

All you need ready to go Kite Surfing Packages. Beginners and Pro riders. Liquid Force, Crazy Fly, AHD and Force Kiteboard Brands. Kites high performance bridle kites and wakestyle and waveriding kites.
Control systems, various accessories and parts from Bump & Jump and De Kine.
Leashes, windmeters, bindings, harnesses, pumps, board covers and quivers. All in the Online shop today, sail in now and get out there! 

If you are looking for great brands and quality products and accessories, we sell Naish Surf Boards and Force Soft Surf Boards. Classic Mal Long Board Wood or Polyester construction or innovative fast, slashy longboard/shortboard Hybrid. Short Boards in soft materials for pro level performance, amazing graphics, durability and the latest in fins system. Naish Short Boards Custom polyester.
Force Body Boards and inflatable body boards from Surfster. Great travel covers, leashes, fins, and fin boxes from Balin and Dakine.
Surf into our Online shop and catch a bargain.

We have a range of new and used fiberglass catamarans. For your Resort or Hire Cats we recommend Calypso Resort 4 and 5 metre Fiberglass Catamarans or for general cruising with the family we sell Caper Cat 14 and Calypso 14 and 16 Fiberglass Catamarans.
Accessories used for catamaraning are available: Trapeze Kits and Harnesses, Mast head floats, "Roll-a-Cat" Beach Rollers (plastic or rubber wheels), Trailer boxes, safety vests, wet suits, stinger suits and non slip boots.
We can access all brands of Catamarans for sale. Visit our Online shop to view our extensive range of accessories, parts and Catamarans.

Our range of Wet Suits includes adult and children's for spearo's and diving. Suits for sailing, windsurfing, paddling are constructed from titanium neoprene. Manufactured by Tripple X Wet Suits. For water skiing there are wet suits by Torque. All Wet suit styles are long or short johns, standard steamers or camouflage steamners for spearfishing. Long and Short sleeve spring suits, sleeveless vests, long and short sleeve vests, neoprene shorts, sleeveless hooded vests, sleeveless hooded cameo vests.
Accessories; titanium neoprene hoods, gloves, neoprene boots and neoprene sox. 

Our brands of Stinger suits are SSA and Triple X. These are tested and guaranteed against sun and jelly fish. These protective nylon lycra suits come with hoods or without also lycra sox, gloves and hoods as accessories. Great styles and colours available. Stinger suits are unisex styles for adults and children.
See Stinger Suit and Wet Suit page for sizing. Large quantity discounts may apply to some clubs or groups. Go to our Online Shop to order.

Safety vests don't just make your outfit for their great look and style they can even save your life! We offer specialty life vests for individual sports such as paddling vests from Ultra, Xstream, Guides Vest, Trek, Pinnacle, Raftpro, Gorge and Blade in PFD2 and PFD3. They are all packed with heaps of special features.
Ultra Vests also provide great sailing and general sports vests such as the Helmsman, Edge, Sport and Regatta Sailing Vests.
We have a range of impact vests for Kite Boarding and Windsurfing as well as general Water Ski Vests with great looks such as Nylon or Neoprene models.
Our vests are from Jam, Masterline and Ultra. We have PFD1 Sea Raider and Vital and Seagull PFD1 for general boating, sailing and paddling. We also have Commercial Coastal USL (orange and black) for Survey vessels. See our Online Shop for all the details!

The fish will never get away if you have a Pontoon, Bass, or Predator Style Boat for those hard to get to estuary areas or river bank spots.
We have covers that cover from top to prop. Outboard covers, GPS covers, Sterndrive covers and also lure bags.
We provide a great range of equipment for behind the boat. Outboard bridles, ropes and handles for all water skiing, and wake boarding and tubes. There are Fill Kits and Fatsacks for wake boarding boats. Accessories such as tube pumps, snaplock rod holders are also available. Go to our great Online Shop now!

Thank you for visiting this website and we hope you enjoy the world of water sports like we do! If you have a minute please email your thoughts on our website, our products and service.
If you would like to sell your products through this site please email us. Also if you have a water sports product you think we should sell let us know.
We hope you have lots of fun and adventure on the water.

So come along into our shop & see our complete range.  

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